Tuum announces partnership with personal finance management (PFM) platform Hysab Kytab

Tuum, the next-generation core banking platform, has announced a new partnership with Hysab Kytab, to give their clients access to a fully customisable and secure financial management solution, which can be offered to their end customers via an intuitive app. …

Hysab Kytab partners with ITSS

Geneva, February 28,2023 ITSS, a leading provider of cutting-edge banking and financial technology services and solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Hysab Kytab, a leading provider of digital financial services in Pakistan. Under this partnership, ITSS will serve as…

Hysab Kytab signed a strategic partnership with Winikon

15- June-2022: Hysab Kytab – a leading FinTech that offers a suite of financial management solutions has signed a strategic partnership with Winikon – IT services company specialized in banking business to enhance the banking experience of customers. This collaboration…

Askari Bank partners with Hysab Kytab to integrate Personal Finance Management (PFM) solution into Askari Digital Banking

Islamabad 8th, Feb 2022: Hysab Kytab – one of the leading Fintech has signed an agreement with Askari Bank. This collaboration will empower Askari bank’s Internet and Mobile banking app users to take greater control of their financial well-being.   With PFM,…

Hysab Kytab’s white-labelled PFM is Now Available on Temenos Exchange

Hysab Kytab’s Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution enables hyper-personalization of banks’ engagement with their customers through integrating smart money management tool in the digital banking experience. Temenos Exchange will provide Hysab Kytab a platform to scale via offering pre-integrated solution...

Hysab Kytab’s PFM to be integrated by NdcTech in Bank of Punjab’s Digital App

The Bank of Punjab will be integrating a local FinTech Hysab Kytab’s solution for Personal Finance Management (PFM) into its Digital Banking services. This collaboration will be enabled through NdcTech, an award-winning regional partner of Temenos. The Temenos leading Digital…

Avanza Solutions and Hysab Kytab sign a strategic partnership agreement to boost the digital financial inclusion of customers

Karachi, 6th April 2021: HBL has joined forces with Hysab Kytab to launch the first comprehensive Personal Finance Manager (PFM) solution, offered for the first time by any bank in Pakistan. Hysab Kytab’s PFM (budgeting) tool is integrated into HBL…

NdcTech & Hysab Kytab enter into a strategic partnership to offer its customers Smarter Money Management

Hysab Kytab a technology company that provides digital solutions through a suite of financial management and consumer products signed a partnership with NdcTech, an award winning partner of Temenos. This partnership will allow NdcTech customers smarter money management and an…

HBL launches Pakistan’s first comprehensive Personal Finance Management tool, powered by Hysab Kytab

Karachi, 6th April 2021: HBL has joined forces with Hysab Kytab to launch the first comprehensive Personal Finance Manager (PFM) solution, offered for the first time by any bank in Pakistan. Hysab Kytab’s PFM (budgeting) tool is integrated into HBL…

Hysab Kytab unveils software export strategy with two key partnerships

A technology company providing digital solutions globally, Hysab Kytab is proud to announce the signing of two international partnerships. The company has signed agreements with Zambia based Open Canvas Consulting and Abler Consulting in Mauritius to accelerate their growth in…

How to set a budget?
To set budget to pfm, tap on budgets then tap on ‘’create new’’ budget button. You can choose category and allocate amount for budget.
How to add a new transaction?
To add new transaction, you can tap on plus button (bottom), select transaction type, add amount, select category, select account, to add detail (optional) you can add description, tags, location, receipt etc. In case of recurring transaction set time interval.
How to filter out past transactions?
Tap on filter icon to filter out / sort transactions by category, amount and transaction type.
How to set saving goal?
To set saving goals with hysabkytab tap on create new option, name your goal, add amount, set target date, add tags (optional), choose icon (optional), tap on create saving goal option.
how does tag work in hysabkytab?
Tags work just like a sub-category in hysabkytab. For example, you added an expense transaction for rs.350, category (transport), account (cash) and you added a tag name (uber). Now you can search through your tag. To search, tap on history, tap on search bar, type your tag name (uber)
How to change personal accounts into income and expense accounts?
New hysabkytab has person account only for lending and borrowing. You can change your previous personal account into income and expense accounts. For that create a new cash account with same name, but don’t enter balance, then make a transaction of transfer (from old account to new account with initial balance).
Why hysab kytab asks for camera access?
Certain features in hysab kytab requires access to your camera/gallery for example if you want to attach receipts with transaction, or you want to post sale alerts, in those scenarios you are required to give access to your camera/ gallery.
Why hysab kytab asks for my location?
When you try using the feature of adding place to your transactions, the app requests your permission to give access to location services. If you allow the app to access these location services, you will be able to see what places you are spending your money at.
How to change a currency format?
You can adjust decimal according to your need, to change currency format, tap on left drawer (top left), tap on setting, tap on currency format (change by scrolling down)
How does reminders work in hysabkytab?
You can set reminder for any type of transaction. To set reminder, tap on left drawer, tap on reminder, tap on add button, set type, title, time, interval, date.
How to change time interval?
To change time interval, tap on money, tap on calendar icon (top right), change interval according to your choice002e
How to set 4-digit passcode?
To add extra layer of security, you can set 4-digit passcode on your hysabkytab app, to set 4-digit code, tap on left drawer, tap on setting, tap on security, set 4-digit pin.
How to create a backup on hysabkytab?
To take backup, tap on left drawer, tap on setting, tap on backup, you can either take backup on your device or google cloud.
After changing phones, how do i transfer my data from one phone to another?
you will have to create a backup on your google cloud from your old phone. If you are logged with the same google account in your new phone, you can restore the data from your google drive. Once restored, all your data will be retrieved automatically.
Cross platform backup
Hysabkytab does not support cross platform backup, you can only restore android backup to another android device only.